Această barcă îmi costă TOT bugetul, dar este gata de plecare ACUM! Freedom 35 Cat Ketch | Sălbatic Sailing

Această barcă îmi costă TOT bugetul, dar este gata de plecare ACUM!  Freedom 35 Cat Ketch |  Sălbatic Sailing

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32 thoughts on “Această barcă îmi costă TOT bugetul, dar este gata de plecare ACUM! Freedom 35 Cat Ketch | Sălbatic Sailing

  1. I had a Freedom 28 Cat Ketch (conventional booms with full batten sails) that was was very lovely and capable boat. I lived aboard for 2 years and single-handed in all sorts conditions. I then moved to a Freedom 36 Cat Sloop. Better performance of course and loads more space for liveaboard comfort and again single-handed ease. After a hiatus I returned to sailing and bought a Freedom 30 Cat Sloop. A smaller version of the 36. But I think my heart lies with the Cat Ketch. I loved that little boat. As you mention a wonderful reaching boat with marginal upwind ability. But as you see I will only buy Freedom sailboats. I'm a freestanding rig disciple. If I once again acquire another sailboat it will likely be a Freedom 39 Cat Schooner pilot house version or a Freedom 44. Finally other than normal boat maintenance issues I never had any extraordinary troublesome items on my Freedoms. All well built and relatively straight forward with upkeep. Good Luck.

  2. About that sponsor…. Really? The dumbing down of the human race… Science(maybe) by the bite, all big words and difference between fact and conjecture left out as not to confuse or educate you…

  3. Its a great boat and it ticks almost all of the boxes! I would buy it, but somehow it isn't you. Too shiny, too little on a shoestring. You need a boat with scars and history and issues to fix up to make it your own instead of buying a ready one of the shelf. Thats what I think.

  4. I hear everyone talking about how great the boat is for sailing but when it comes to YouTube and making money it is a bit of a concern. Too tight for more than a couple people and good camera work could be a little harder to do. Running that mizzen mast blocks a lot while doing video but the boat is doable with a couple people. Salt and Tar has the same setup and they do really well. I think it depends on the vibe you are looking for in your upcoming videos. Do you want good wide camera shots and a higher energy feel with more crew? I would say walk away. If you want tight and cozy with an easier slower vibe to your videos then, yes, go for it!

  5. Look mate,this is an old guy putting in my take on things. The Boat? Beautiful. It’s just about ready to go. I’m not a fan of Cats, stable ? Yes they are. But my preference is for a boat that heels over. This will go anywhere with minimum fuss. But as far as companions, you just need your own special person. You are a young good looking guy. You need a partner. Friends,Etc,yes all well and good. But believe me there are girls out there,that are great sailors. (Yes in the past I have met them. One of them was just a Clare Francis clone. She was a fantastic yachtswomen.) Go for it mate.this is a lovely boat. And!! Forget Crewe, friends,Etc. You need your special person. Trust me on this. I had my special person ,but! Unfortunately she wasn’t a yachtswomen. All the best,and! (go for it)

  6. From my point of view this is light years better than any previous boat you ever come across. You’re absolutely on right track.
    Maybe a bit expensive for you budget if you need to fix a water maker and some more stuff to get it fit for hoist.
    5 out of 5.
    Rock on 🤘

  7. Difficult to tell, the sail covers do a good job of covering the booms. I thought it may be a convenient way to check, but maybe your are too far away by now from that location, but you are 12000 miles closer than me.

  8. Hey, since you are looking for a boat, I'm actually listing my boat for sale and it is in Costa Rica, it is a blue-water liveaboard, ready for ocean crossing (Islander Freeport 41, 1975), if you are interested let me know, take a look, and ask if you want to see a more detailed video, drop me a line

  9. I bought a freedom 28(30) in november. It's certainly a keeper! The freedom 28(called 30 when manufactured in the UK, uk feet).
    It is balsa cored around the hull and deck, But this seems to have been done thoughtfully:

    No core in the joint where the deck meets the hull, and no core around through-holes and keel.
    There is however balsa core under the water line, not too worried about that. If there is balsa rot, the boat is worth the time to repair.

  10. The only thing that would irritate me is bumping my head on the low ceiling. Otherwise it's been well looked after and probably a bargain. Can you take it for a trial sail?

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