Găurile albastre SECRETE din Australia! (Sailing Popao) Ep.22

Găurile albastre SECRETE din Australia!  (Sailing Popao) Ep.22

Încheiem seria noastră de găuri albastre cu cea mai mare dintre toate. După o misiune uriașă de a ajunge aici, nici nu ne-am dat seama că suntem în ea!! Alăturați-vă nouă în timp ce ne îndreptăm către acest recif îndepărtat în speranța unei alte „găuri de pește”. **MARCHA A SOSIT** https://sailingpopao.com/ SĂRĂ LA PARTEA TA PREFERĂ: 00:00 – Introducere 1:36 – Plecarea paradisului 02:40 – Sosirea într-un nou paradis! 05:00 – Explorare Blue Hole 06:19 – Amazing Reef 09:51 – Sosire Blue Hole 12:14 – GT Smokin’ 14:20 – Șerpi pe o barcă **SUSȚINĂ-NE** Pentru conținut bonus și cadouri, vă rugăm să ne sprijiniți la Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/uap Cumpără-ne o bere! paypal.me/sailingpopao ***ECHIPAMENTUL NOASTRE*** Prosoape cu uscare rapidă Will & Wind https://willandwind.com.au/?ref=svpopao 10% Cupon: „JESSIE10” Goosehill SUP Board: https://goosehillsport. com/?ref=atc3qwtglr2 10% Cupon: „JESS10” Epidemic Sound: https://www.epidemicsound.com/referral/sachcw/


29 thoughts on “Găurile albastre SECRETE din Australia! (Sailing Popao) Ep.22

  1. Fantastic adventure guys, thanks for sharing ……. not Trolling and I am not being critical, but thought you might consider researching sea snakes a little more ….. there are a lot of misconceptions regarding sea snakes out there……
    Yes they are highly venomous,
    Yes they do have relatively short fangs (which in the front of their mouths, not mid fanged as a lot of ppl seem to think).
    …… However they are snakes and other than having relitively short fixed fangs (some other snakes have hinged fangs) they are still quite capable of opening their mouths very wide ….. so potential bites zones are not restricted to ear lobes, inter digit webbing or the errand finger or wandering toe.
    They also don't really have tiny mouths …… which should have been obvious from the specimen you encountered (most sea snakes have quite a thick mid body so I guess their heads of some may appear to be relitively small.
    It is very unusual to be bitten by a sea snake, they are considered curious but not aggressive (unless entangled in fishing gear or harassed), the last recorded fatal envenomation in Australia attributed to a sea snake was a Prawn trawler crew member in 2018 prior to that a Japanese pearl diver in the 1930's (very rare…..but not to ear trifled with).
    You did a great job safely releasing your catch, I would just strongly advise all not to try a tickle any snake under their chin (so to speak), keep calm and try and stay a safe and respectful distance from them (this can be challenging with sea snakes as I mentioned earlier they can be curious)
    Happy days

  2. As always another awesome video guys. You guys are absolutely the best YouTube channel to come from our beautiful country. Love your videos and your editing is great and getting better and better. Bloody well done 👍

  3. Just replaced my 15 year old computer with top of the line job and new 27 inch screen. Your stuff has always been great to watch, but now I feel like I am seeing for the 1st time. The video was absolutely amazing. stunning even. WOW what a difference. Its like when we went from black and white TV in the 60's to color. What in the world is that on the back of your boat? It looks like antlers? anyway, thanks for the vid from South Carolina, US.

  4. Whats was the white Snake like thing that kept changing shape 4 seconds,10.03,10.20,10.29 in from the high drone footage looking down on the out edge mainly at the bottom ? Coral Spawn or may be a old rope in the current?

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