INSTALL-FEST 💪 (pt.1) Ep.153 Construirea mea de iaht cu vele din oțel

INSTALL-FEST 💪 (pt.1) Ep.153 Construirea mea de iaht cu vele din oțel

Instalare-fest într-adevăr! 😁 Lucrez pe opt zone din toate lucrările recente de realizare a panourilor, lemn de trandafir și alte piese asociate! Acest lucru este într-adevăr plin de satisfacții! Mistress este proiectat de unul dintre arhitecții navali olandezi extrem de respectați, EG Van de Stadt, un design caraibian, lungime 40ft/12m, lărgimea 13ft/3.9m, pescaj 5ft/1.5m. Coca și punțile ei sunt construite din oțel moale și am construit-o pe cont propriu și, de asemenea, o amenajez pe cont propriu. Nu am construit niciun tip de barcă înainte de Mistress. Au fost multe motive pentru care, dar munca s-a oprit,… Cu toate acestea, munca a reînceput, din fericire, și sunt într-o călătorie interesantă pentru a o termina pe Mistress și apoi a merge în aventurile mele navigabile,… Sper că tu se poate alătura cu mine! @BuildingSYMistress bmwfreedom@gmail. com Muzica mulțumesc Creative Minds Epidemic sound: Gozando en Matanzas-El Equipo Del Norte The Social Hour-Dylan Joseph Make it Real-Wildson In This Rush -Mike Parr Jakarta-Bonsaye


29 thoughts on “INSTALL-FEST 💪 (pt.1) Ep.153 Construirea mea de iaht cu vele din oțel

  1. You are making great progress and it's great to see someone who is taking so much time and effort to do everything perfect. It won't be long until you can start enjoying all the hard work when you are sailing the world . God bless be safe and we wish you a very happy new year.

  2. I can fink of another word " CRIKEY " To contemplate such an undertaking all those years ago leaves me in awe a feeling of great respect.. Obviously Johan from ran sailing does not watch your videos because incredibly he's doing the same thing with a boat twice as big as yours..
    Wishing you a very happy new year…

  3. Happy New Year mate. Great video as always, and I’m really enjoying seeing the incredible progress you are making.
    Looking forward to watching your next video already.
    All the very best for the coming year.

  4. I have commented a few times to compliment you on the strength of your assembly. You want to brace, brace and brace again so do not ease up on the strength as a Bruce sized lad bouncing around down below in a storm will test everything to the absolute limits. Brilliant episode young man.

  5. Another great video Bruce. Mistress is really coming together nicely. I love the attention to detail you show with the finish on each piece and I love your wood selection. You have yourself a top-notch sailing yacht! Happy New Year.

  6. Nice finish on your brightwork. Personally I look forward to see the headliner completed as the insulating foam looks horrid 😉 I am sure you have your reasons to wait with it.

  7. Happy New Year, Bruce! I think you must be up there with Acorn to Arabella, Ran Sailing and Tally Ho for the attention to detail and the finishing of the surfaces. And that is some community to belong to! Keep going, the end is in sight and Mistress will be one of the great beauties of the cruising world.

  8. Happy new year Bruce, you're lucky you haven't got a significant other as being allowed to sand and glue on and over the new cushions would not happen !!🤣

  9. Great work Bruce. What I especially admire about you and your boat work is that you're giving every bit of it every chance to work properly. It's all the small little steps that you take to ensure a good product. From pre drilling everything to using masking tape to make your pencil marks to the scuffing of every surface before paint or epoxy then wiping it all down. I know first hand how time consuming all the little details are and I have nothing but admiration for your patience, resilience and commitment to doing it right. I'm willing to bet there isn't a single screw on that boat with a stripped head!! Happy New Year bro, keep it up.

  10. Hey Bruce. You are doing a Awesome job on your ⛵ she looking Sweet. Love all the Wood work you are Doing. Bruce love the Music too who the Lady singer in this Video? Thanks for the Video.

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