Lipim noul nostru TRIMARAN împreună! (Fabrica din Vietnam)

Lipim noul nostru TRIMARAN împreună!  (Fabrica din Vietnam)

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29 thoughts on “Lipim noul nostru TRIMARAN împreună! (Fabrica din Vietnam)

  1. The interruption by Riley when Elayna was talking about the copperware for the boat was very hard to watch @2:10 . I understand that Riley is passionate about the boat build but clearly Elayna is passionate about the copperware and how that impacts the boat and ultimately the build. I could only imagine the impossible task of sourcing those! Love you guys but we want to see what you both love 50/50…

  2. Awesome to get an insight into the whole process, really appreciate the time and effort involved from everyone and can't wait too see how she comes out so would really just like to see every aspect of the build you can get on film 👍 (from nz btw noice tenda)

  3. Your children are adorable! Love love Lenny's new haircut. Riley, saying the F word is offensive to your audience and harmful to your children. Please heed the advice of Alaina 🙂

  4. hi here new design why don't have pop out type then have side arm so slide up then tilt pass smaller boat so them rain don't get in so half window on main boat side. hope thinking same.

  5. If you have time, the YouTube channel "Gone With the Wynn's" might be of interest. While waiting on the build of their new catamaran, they'll be sailing a trimaran from Charleston to Miami. They gave a tour of it last week. So much storage & room & they put the master bed on deck. It might give you some ideas! 💚💖

  6. I was wondering why you are cutting out the transom to fit the dinghy. Then you say your building chocks to fit the dinghy on. So I'm thinking why not just have chocks. That way the windows are no issue. Are you worried the dinghy would be too high?? Excellent stuff. Can't wait to see more.

  7. I am not a boat person , just an 64 yo semi retired nurse, but just loving your posts. Will be very interested in seeing the interior furnishings. But since finding your channel I have enjoyed everything. From a fellow Ozzie from Tasmania.

  8. Hi Riley and Elena (and the kids of course…),

    Excellent episode!!!


    I was very intrigued by the whole subject of the mast rotating on its axis. If you could elaborate on exactly how it works, that would be awesome.

    As well, what maintenance does it require and what could be the breaking points (God forbid)?

    And… very interesting, why did you choose to cut a part of the boat in order to fit the dingy and not try to make adapters that will be fited on the back ? (Davids)

    (I understood that you are very careful about the weight, but it seems a bit strange to cut a casted part).

    You've probably already been told this a million times, but you are an amazing inspiration to a lot of people around the globe!!!

    Thank you

  9. Still loving this build and so looking forward to you heading back to our favourite destination Bali. Just a tip for riding scooters there, a hand flutter to the side down low tells the locals to give you room. Either you are feeling closed in and might not have the confidence to deal with it, or you want to start merging to that side. It works a treat and hopefully gives you some confidence in the hectic traffic.

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