Continuă să înoți! | Sub punte S10, E7 Recap | CEAS ANCORA

Continuă să înoți!  |  Sub punte S10, E7 Recap |  CEAS ANCORA

Bine ați venit la Anchor Watch, chat-ul nostru săptămânal de noapte sub punte găzduit de Jason și Josh! Oaspeți noi, pretențioși, așteaptă un echipaj interior care încă nu se poate înțelege. Poate cineva să-i facă fericiți pe acești oaspeți!? Să recapitulăm Below Deck Sezonul 10, Episodul 7! 0:00 Sub punte S10, Recapitulare E7 17:45 Întrebați căpitanul Sean 37:15 Sub punte S10, Recapitulare E7 ► Urmăriți @HotMessyPodcast YouTube! 🎙️ Ascultă Hot Messy Podcast pe Apple Podcasturi, Spotify, Amazon Music sau oriunde îți iei emisiunile: 🛥 Vizitează @Worth Avenue Yachts! ⚓️ Urmărește SeeJoshGo: YouTube ► Twitter ► ⚓️ Urmărește pe Jason: Instagram ► Twitter ► _ MULȚUMESC MULT PENTRU SPRIJINĂ CANALUL NOSTRU! Urmați-mă! Instagram ► Facebook ► Twitter ► 🛍 Marfa: Pentru a dona: PayPal🔗 https:/ /… Venmo🔗🔗$upandadamlive ✉️ Pentru întrebări despre afaceri: Mail/ Pachete: Up And Adam! 11231 US HWY 1, Suite 257 N. Palm Beach, FL 33408 Declinarea răspunderii privind drepturile de autor În conformitate cu Secțiunea 107 din Legea privind drepturile de autor din 1976, se acordă o „utilizare corectă” în scopuri precum critică, comentariu, știri, predare, burse și cercetare. . Utilizarea loială este o utilizare permisă de legea dreptului de autor care altfel ar putea încălca. Disclaimer: opiniile și opiniile exprimate în acest videoclip și pe Up And Adam Live! Canalul YouTube nu reflectă neapărat opinia lui Up And Adam! și canalul YouTube. Toate subiectele sunt doar în scop de divertisment. _ #Below Deck #Sezonul 10 #CaptainSandy


40 thoughts on “Continuă să înoți! | Sub punte S10, E7 Recap | CEAS ANCORA

  1. It can’t be Alyssa’s fault because Fraser, Rachel and Ross say that Camille is a terrible worker. Fraser last week was willing to let her go. I think Alyssa is frustrated with her and wants the babying of her to stop. If Alyssa did what Camilla is doing she would have been fired.

  2. Hey can you please pronounce Fraser’s name correctly. I know it’s such a small silly thing but it drives me crazy. It’s pronounced as if there was a Z in it Frazer. I think most Americans pronounce it like the TV show Frasier but it’s not how he prefers it. Again I know this is silly but he has said in the show how it should be pronounced. Love your content 🥰

  3. So I have enjoyed your show and was introduced to other creators while witnessing this channel evolve. I want to encourage u all to continue the positive inclusive content and really for the most part stays neutral. Praying for Rick L

  4. Sorry…one more comment… 👀 Rachel…. She is so great in so many ways. It´s sad that she´s not coming back. She really should have her own show. I think… no, I knOw that Rachel would have done an enOrmously better job as a chef on BD Adventure than the pasta making splat the sauce chef that´s there now. I guess Rachel would have done some research (she probably already has ) on Scandinavian food and made something wonderful for the guests. The goat cheese on the plate….no no no. I would have loved to see what Rachel would have done. @ Chef Rachel – we hope to see you back, or in another show where you can keep shining and amaze us! 💕

  5. Love this… miss my naughty yachties! Can't wait to be back live after year- end at work is done in the next couple weeks. But NEVER miss your show guys… keep up the great work, and loving the Twitter activity lately!

  6. Alyssa has had enough of Camille and is letting it show. Camille needs to go, the bar is so low to think she has improved. Alyssa should have controlled herself but should just be warned while Camille is escorted off the yacht.

  7. Shoudn't these yacht charters owners receive info of the best beaches to ho on an island especially for these rich clients, that want everything perfect, although they are not? I think Captain Sandy. should have told them beforehand that there were no beaches like they requested. I think maybe production is at fault also. I have been to Saint Lucia and it is a beautiful island. Tourism is an important part of the economy of the caribbean islands.

  8. It just dawned on me what the NDA is that Captain Sean was talking about……and it should be obvious……What is about to start filming…..? And may or may not have a need for a BD Captain…..We'll see if Sean is available for Anchor Watch in the next few weeks…..and from where……time will tell! What do you guys think?

  9. Call out Fraser who came to wipe up a spill and wiped the floor then, then wiped the table. Everyone knows that’s bad form. Also Chief Stew on Adventure was doing her hair at the crew table! Who want to sit or eat around that. Then hair incidents happened. Jess is interesting. She has both male/female energy. She needs to give orders while voice up and eye to eye bc she is not being heeded.

  10. Alyssia never bullied Camille EVER…what a ridiculous thought. Camille needs to do her job and when Alyssia has to keep reminding her to do the same duties when she has been shown over and over, it can be so frustrating! Did they both raise their voices, yes but I don’t blame Alyssia because she is just done with the obvious handholding that Camille has been getting. Really how hard was it for Camille to just stop and hear what they had to say to her, that is all she had to do. Camille is always giving attitude to Alyssia and she has done this since day one, she has an issue with anyone telling her what she needs to do and always has some excuse why she can’t stop at that moment. Camille has a horrible attitude and doesn’t want to work…simple! She is good tv but she sucks as an employee! I also think the same of Tony, I liked him at first but he is becoming really annoying….the work does not revolve around your workout schedule, you are there to do a job! Why should the team be held hostage with his bad attitude if his exercise plan is altered, ridiculous!! The attitude of some of these people is unbelievable, you are making a lot of money to work….this is a client driven job and that should be at the forefront of your mind or you shouldn’t get a tip.
    I feel like Fraser should have told the chef what they were saying unless he thought they were saying what they were saying for show….then I can respect him for that but he better be sure. The chef needs to know so they can alter the menu…your tip will be affected by this, I think the chef plays the largest role in how much tip you get.

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