Cel mai deviant comportament pe care l-am VĂZUT VĂDUT

Cel mai deviant comportament pe care l-am VĂZUT VĂDUT

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23 thoughts on “Cel mai deviant comportament pe care l-am VĂZUT VĂDUT

  1. I feel like it's really dangerous on that boat with those girls and no guns.. just think if that crazy jerker guy decided to come over to YOUR boat and jerk it next time instead of from a safe distance!!

  2. He was probably French. I have seen Frogs have sex of their foredeck, jerk off on a nudist beach and one guy jerking off on a train. Cheese eating surrender monkeys AND public masturbators. Wow.
    You guys should have held up cards with numbers on. One for size and 1 for artistic content & flair.

  3. Wow what a very beautiful and cool adventure! Wish the boat would have been a little better equipped and the dinghy was in better mechanical condition. =(
    Willow such a pretty name 😊

  4. "He's got a giant wiener" You guys are hilarious! Too bad a brown pelican did not show up on board his boat and rue the day while this willy whacker was whacking his willy!

  5. There are degrees of deviant behavior. Some might say that the camera work focusing on the anatomy of certain people in your videos for prurient excitement of your viewers is quite deviant. Judge not.

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