De ce au plecat cu adevărat? Viziunea terapeutului.

De ce au plecat cu adevărat?  Viziunea terapeutului.

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36 thoughts on “De ce au plecat cu adevărat? Viziunea terapeutului.

  1. Woow. I have been following you from before you started on your own, on and off. You have just got better and better. Your feet are firmly on the ground. Sometimes you have hit a nerve but so what.. this video was one of the best. Hearing your whole view has made so much sense.. and i think you are spot on, BUT i think she did want to leave because she wasnt getting her way but it wasnt When she wanted, wasn't with the conditions they wanted.
    You described all this in a very caring, informative way.. 👍 so well given.. a really great listening and i feel true to what happened…

  2. I’m not sure about the idea that there was someone else pregnant so M pretended. Wouldn’t they have got the baby? To keep pretending it was theirs? I’ve never seen hardly two photos of Archie where it’s the same child. We would have followed We woukd have seen the same child from birth.
    So I’m not sure, I’m feeling it was a problem with conceiving so she tried to fool everyone.

  3. I could be wrong but , she was supposed to go to court at that time and had an extension because of the miscarriage, then when she finally went to court she had to admit she had forgotten participating in the book finding freedom, let me know if I’m wrong

  4. Just found you tonight. Enjoyed your insights. What a tangled web she has woven. We're all looking forward to the day she sinks her claws into someone else and this stops. It's hard to believe that someone like this exists and has been able to do the level of damage that she has.

  5. I enjoy your content very much.
    I'm fond of your combination of professional psychoanalysis and personal opinions. You clearly state your personal opinions. Yet never come across as disrespectful. I like that you speak your opinion. Opinions even if they may not always be nice. All are entitled to. In this case it is typically true and what most of us think. LoL.

  6. I watched the body language guy give his analysis of the engagement interview after pointing out footages of the interview along with the slight jaw clenching moments, and your comments I am inclined to agree with the both of you. Like you, I trust my instincts (more so then I do my heart).

  7. Penny for your thoughts!? The wedding Harry attended w/o her…she supposedly broke in—crashed in— did the Im pregnant routine!? Megan’s visual photographic anger was palpable… harry’s confused behavior, visible….then…. Thinking it was a very pivotal moment, for I believe she stalked him into marriage. At this crash in wedding venue I suspect megan new she was possibly going to lose Harry and not pull off the engagement and wedding!! I’m pregnant and Harry!!!! a real love story NOT!

  8. I have listen to your entire broadcast. You have nailed everything to me so much so that now that it’s February 1, 2023 where is Megan what is she up to? Since Harry finish the Netflix and the spare book? What possibly criminal behavior is she into now?

  9. I think you're right about some things, but I also think you're overthinking the various situations. Just as an FYI, it has been reported (historically) that both Elizabeth II and Margaret were the result of artificial insemination, mainly because the Queen Mother found the sexual act repulsive. That clearly did not result in their being removed from the line of succession, so I don't believe that sort of thing would eliminate Archie and Lilibet from the line of succession. However, the wheels fall off for me when you say you don't believe Lilibet exists. She is in the line of succession officially which means there is solid proof of her existence and parentage.

  10. In the engagement interview, she looked at her ring and said she just loved it…..her voice cracked when she said it, even I knew that was a lie…sure enough she 'redesigned" the ring.

  11. Yes Emz very believable, when she first said she was pregnant I told my family and friends that she's faking it and they all laughed but I knew she was lying and I also believe the RF are totally complicit in this circus, I think you are another Vera

  12. I completely agree and infact you clarified the events so well. I find it beyond belief sometimes, that these individuals are behaving like this, on a worldwide stage. Making a mockery of themselves and their lives. Thank you for your brilliant channel x

  13. The taking of photos of the children was before they were married apparently and I do think they were told to leave. I actually believe the RF gave them an oppurtunity to admit to surrogacy but I don't think the RF would be aligned with those two to cover it up. Many other factors involved we problably know nothing about were part of their exit.

  14. As someone with BPD I would like to say that I would never do something like that. Being BPD makes me very sensitive to others feelings, too much so and to my own detriment mostly. I don't think it's accurate or helpful to put such an action of lying about pregnancy or the ability to lie in order to do anything on everyone who has a cluster b.

  15. I think she used a fake pregnancy to make H marry her. When H spoke about marrying MM to HRH Queen Elizabeth ll, her reluctant reply “well I guess I have to say yes.” I think H told her MM was pregnant.😮 it is possible they used a surrogate with donar eggs from a blonde blue-eyed woman fertilized with H sperm.

  16. Giles Coren wrote (on Twatter?) the comment about Rose Hanbury? He said he had been drunk & thought it was funny. It grew arms & legs & pounched on by the sugars. Unless MM was controlling Giles, I don't see how she was responsible for starting the rumour? There's plenty she is responsible for, but this one didn't originate from her (I think she encouraged it once she knew about it, though) 🤷‍♀️

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