Un starter eșuat îmi schimbă planurile în Fiji; Problemă la motor în Paradis

Un starter eșuat îmi schimbă planurile în Fiji;  Problemă la motor în Paradis

Episodul #296: Sezonul 9: Pacificul de Sud Salut Prieteni, În acest episod, găsesc că planurile mele s-au schimbat brusc cu un demaror defect și probleme cu motorul tot mai mari. Dacă vă place canalul, vă rugăm să „Like” videoclipurilor și să vă abonați pentru a nu pierde niciun episod viitor. Dacă vi se pare că videoclipurile sunt utile sau distractive și doriți să contribui, puteți deveni Patron la: https://www.patreon.com/sailorjames sau dacă preferați să faceți o contribuție o singură dată, o puteți trimite prin PAYPAL la jamesthesailorman @gmail.com Fair Winds, James ALĂTURĂ-TE ECHIPULUI PATREON: Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sailorjames Site: http://svtriteia.com Tracker: https://forecast.predictwind.com/tracking/display /Triteia Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/james.the.sailor.man #fiji


20 thoughts on “Un starter eșuat îmi schimbă planurile în Fiji; Problemă la motor în Paradis

  1. Hi James, you should be able to get your starter fixed or a new one in Fiji or like an important one for you from either Australia or New Zealand. Keep up the good work. Love your videos Cliff from Logan City Queensland Australia 🇦🇺 from the big island, PS hopefully you Will be coming to the Gold Coast in Queensland

  2. Sorry to hear you’re having issues with the starter James. Hope you can get it all sorted without too much hassle. It could be worse ie you could be somewhere very rough and cold!

  3. Many thanks for these videos on the Yasawas, James. My boat is in Vuda Point marina and having explored the eastern Lau Group last season I plan to visit the Yasawas this season. And I liked your quip about pronunciation police, if you watch my Fiji videos I butchered the pronunciation of every island at some point, not to mention the bizarre rules of Fiji writing versus expression, for example, every "g" is expressed with a "n" before it, so the islands of Ogea and Fulaga are expressed as Ongea and Fulanga. You even see the latter sometimes used on maps and in guides, it is a mess, apparently invented by early missionaries for reasons that elude me.

  4. Sounds like dirty contacts in the solenoid cap on the starter motor. May just need to pop the cap off (may need soldering iron) sand the heads of the bolts and the rectangular plate that contacts them and Chuck it back together

  5. Good chance nothing wrong with starter. Common fault with Yanmar, voltage drop in start circuit. Fit assist relay.

  6. No fun. Been in this situation a few times. I did have a Ferryman diesel on my Alberg 35. The starter went out and I didn’t replace it for several months…….it was hand crankable and so easy and dependable to do. I know that the Bukh that Wind Hippy has is hand crankable. A great feature for smaller engines. The other route that I have good in civilization is have a Starter/ alternator shop rebuild it. Have had very good luck and saved lots of money this way. Also I’m sure that you tried this but I have extended a limp along solution on a bad starter by banging it with a hammer to get it to go away from the dead spot on the windings. Hope you find a solution there.

  7. Yes, and either Boshield T-9 or HD Corrosion X is MUCH better that WD-40 for lasting ability. Also wrap it in a cloth before bagging it. But indeed a spare: starter, alternator, fresh and Seawater pumps and mixing elbo are a must for me now.

  8. Holly showed us how she manually cranks her engine and starts it. Not sure how large of an engine one could have and do that. She had a small engine of course. But, she is a small lady.

  9. Hey how come no one does south Asai you know Singapore 🇸🇬 Bangkok and 🇻🇳Vietnam start maybe Japan 🇯🇵 and head south west hit Sri lanka 🇱🇰 and maybe take the suiz canal into the grand Mediterranean. Are these to dangerous of areas to sail. Would you sail these routes? Thanks Brother James you are great 👍

  10. As a gorilla mechanic i had a hammer to beat the living shit out of the starter while holding the starter button on my old Harley and in the end it started and got me home so always have a high precision tools like a 20oz Estwing nearby 😀

    Just dont ask why i had a hammer on my motorcycle 😛

  11. Sorry you had this trouble. Know you aren't in real time but it's still shit when stuff breaks. I'm currently stuck in Inverness UK without a mast so…. keep on keeping on. Do drop by my socials and say hi.

  12. Sometimes the trouble with starters is corrosion especially around salt water. I would check all the connections and take the solenoid apart, usually the contacts are burnt,clean them up. Also if you have to take the starter apart, check the brushes and clean up the comuntator and clean out the slots,dirt and crap build up there! I have been working on motors since I was 16…I am 65 now..lol! Wish I could be there to help you. It would save you a few bucks! I do all of my repairs! Hope you enjoy your stay, and safe travels! Love your videos!

  13. It's strange that there's issues with the starter set up…. One hardly gets shit from normal land vehicle starters

  14. Hello James! Absolutely love your videos, you are a great inspiration. I have been working towards my dreams for a few years now and soon I will set out on an adventure of my own, although on foot only. I love FP and you give me a lot of motivation!

  15. Hey James, stumbled upon your channel along with a couple of others, and my dream of getting a cruiser and sailing away into the sunset has been reignited! Next time you're near a mainland, buy some strong magnets and stick them around whatever piece you're working on, that way there's a good chance what ever nut or bolt you drop won't fall very far, failing that, one of those magnetic telescopic wands are good for finding something ferrous in a spot that you can't see. All the best and good luck!

  16. That glass is no good for sailing but made for some gorgeous shots. "Adventure Tax" 😅- Thank you so much.

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