SPRAY-PAINTING BOAT Panouri Ep.161 Construirea mea de iaht cu vele din oțel

SPRAY-PAINTING BOAT Panouri Ep.161 Construirea mea de iaht cu vele din oțel

MARFĂ LA MIJUNEA ANULUI. VÂNZARE accesați www.symistress.com Introduceți CODUL-MIDYEAR50 Acest episod se referă la obținerea capetelor/dulapul de baie, piedestalul de toaletă și cabină 2 panouri frontale/piese pentru dulap toate acoperite cu rășină epoxidică X2, acoperire epoxidica de înaltă construcție X2 și apoi acoperit superior poliuretanic X3 . Cred că au venit frumos 😁 Mistress este proiectat de unul dintre arhitecții navali olandezi foarte respectați, EG Van de Stadt, un design caraibian, lungime 40ft/12m, larg 13ft/3.9m, pescaj 5ft/1.5m. Coca și punțile ei sunt construite din oțel moale și am construit-o pe cont propriu și, de asemenea, o amenajez pe cont propriu. Nu am construit niciun tip de barcă înainte de Mistress. Au fost multe motive pentru care, dar munca s-a oprit,… Cu toate acestea, munca a reînceput, din fericire, și sunt într-o călătorie interesantă pentru a o termin pe Mistress și apoi a merge în aventurile mele navigabile,… Sper că tu se poate alătura cu mine! @BuildingSYMistress https://www.youtube.com/user/bmwfreedom https://www.symistress.com https://www.patreon.com/symistress https://www.paypal.me/symistress bmwfreedom@gmail. com https://www.facebook.com/bruce.wilson.1481 Muzica mulțumesc www.bensound.com Creative Minds Epidemic sound: Some Time-Harper Rose Peterson Tango Luna-Rune Dale Coffee for Two-Epocha Bound to Relapse-Cacti Down drumul lung-The Flix


32 thoughts on “SPRAY-PAINTING BOAT Panouri Ep.161 Construirea mea de iaht cu vele din oțel

  1. It always amazes me the amount of detailing Bruce is putting into his work..Once you compare his work attitude and discipline with other boatbuilders and restorers, he for sure outperforms the majority of them..
    To be considered as well is the fact he is doing everything by himself..
    Congratulations Bruce..

  2. The head seat support bar would be a nice place to put a small shelf on the right half. You can still hang a towel on the left, and, you can never have too much storage space on a boat! Also, your girlfriend will love having more room to store her tons of make-up and hair spray!

  3. I cringed as you used a steel hammer directly on the finish piece to knock the two pieces together. First of all a wooden mallet is easy to make, but in lieu of that any block of wood on your piece that you can use to hit with any hammer so that any damage would be on the scrap block and not you’re finished piece. And I do agree that spring does a wonderful job, but it also shows the defect. One of your joints could use a little filler, which would’ve been best done after the first coat of primer or undercoat as you will.

  4. Super detail results in a fine finish to your super strong steel sailboat Captain Bruce. Looking forward to seeing the launch sir. The Bear 🐻 🙏🇺🇸🐻

  5. Bruce you did a really good job with spraying, I am very impressed. I done a little bit of spraying myself and yours looks better. But then again I spraying models boats and other hobbies…..lol

  6. Those painted panels look like there Lamented brother so perfectly finished..Yet another signature part to your project Legendary work my brother 👏🏻

  7. I'm surprised you left the burn marks in fascia panel, I get you probably won't see it easily, it stands out because of the quality of all your previous work. and then you painted it…………derrr lol

  8. Hey Bruce, Everything is really looking great. First the kitchen, now the bathroom. Seems appropriate. I can’t believe how far you’ve come since I began following your channel. And, never compromising the quality of your work. Cheers Mate

  9. Another masterclass – please do not worry about days passing – your team is you alone and we all perfectly understand time frames. Behind the toilet seat maybe one of your well engineered cupboards for toilet rolls and some cleaning material. Looks like that space has some potential.

  10. Just amazing what you’re doing. Perfection all the way. I really need to come down to Queensland and see all this with my eyes Keep it up, I have been following you since the start. Take care, Jan from Sydney.

  11. I'm constantly surprised that you aren't into the 50K subscribers. But you don't do clickbait and you are a details man, so I suppose it's a subset of the viewing public. Mistress is coming along in leaps and bounds; I can see splash day coming…

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