MAI BUN DECÂT DIN FABRICĂ?//Ultra Custom Utility Room-Episodul 130

MAI BUN DECÂT DIN FABRICĂ?//Ultra Custom Utility Room-Episodul 130

Săptămâna aceasta admirăm toată munca grea a lui Ty în frumoasa noastră cameră de serviciu, despre care am putea spune că este mai bună decât cea din fabrică. Sunteți de acord? Instrumente utilizate în acest videoclip: Trimmer pentru laminat: Kit de instrumente pentru bandaj de margini Festool: Cleme pentru dulap: Burghii de centrare: https :// Balamale Soft Close: * DECLINAREA RESPONSABILITĂȚII: facem un comision foarte mic atunci când utilizați linkurile noastre Amazon. Vă mulțumim pentru sprijin.* Vrei să ne sprijini? Iată câteva moduri în care puteți: 🛍DAUNTLESS GEAR: Like, Urmăriți și Distribuie! 👍FACEBOOK: 🫶INSTAGRAM: NU UITAȚI DĂ LIKE, ABONAȚI-VĂ ȘI CLICK ACEL CLOPEL🔔 Dacă vă simțiți generos ne puteți susține și noi aici: ⛵️ALĂTURĂ-TE ECHIPULUI pe Patreon (abonament): 🫙Pune un bacșiș în borcanul TIP JAR (donație o dată): Consultați site-ul nostru: ___________________________ Muzică în acest videoclip: ____________________________


36 thoughts on “MAI BUN DECÂT DIN FABRICĂ?//Ultra Custom Utility Room-Episodul 130

  1. Wow. All I can say is wow! I LOVE watching you all build “stuff”. My favorite so far has been your cabinets and drawers for the tools. Yes, you needed that tool room, otherwise you would be looking for hours on end to find this, or that. I am so proud of all of you. My husband was wondering tonight if you were ever going to sail anywhere, and I told him you are going to, but you still have some inside work to do beforehand. Did you get the air conditioning to work yet? Whatever you do next, I’ll be watching. ❤

  2. A bed for that compartment, awesome! What type of machines are you going to have on the boat? Tablesaw, planer, router, mitre saw, cut off track saw, festool sander, wet/dry vac. It was mentioned that you will put in a central vac. Will you put a small cyclonic separator before the vacuum?
    I wonder if you could put a set up in the cockpit or bow for a portable tablesaw with extended wings and or add a lift router? Like it slides in besides a table or something.
    Your presentation on how and why you do things is very good. That's why I like this channel.

  3. I love real solid wood. I’m lucky to be in the Thailand region and have stocked up on solid “Burmese teak for my boat projects on my cat. Walnut is also great wood. 😊

  4. Very impressive work! Thank you for sharing via these videos. One question…how do you keep track of the weight/balance you add to your boat as you do a refit like this? Thanks again.

  5. I just love watching you do this you’re so good at it well, you’re good at everything my other question is are you still working on the electrical or waiting on stuff or did I miss episodes because that was mine boggling to me most of the stuff you do is mind-boggling to me, but I love watching you guys. God bless.

  6. You can’t help but make everything bespoke and engineered to the exact need and way you want to use it. Because you can- you do !😎 this has given me an idea for a house we are building….. hummm, “where can I put some walnut counters” I will be asking the builder at our next meeting !

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