Sunt foarte încântat de viitorul Old School Runescape! (Actualizări uriașe de navigație OSRS)

Sunt foarte încântat de viitorul Old School Runescape!  (Actualizări uriașe de navigație OSRS)

Sunt foarte încântat de viitorul Old School Runescape! (Actualizări uriașe de navigație OSRS) Top 20 de pluginuri Runelite de care aveți nevoie în 2023 (OSRS) OSRS Ghidul ULTIMATE pentru Gardienii Riftului 2022 Seria OSRS Ironman Progress: Tutorial insulă pentru seria Twisted bow: TalbZX_Y&index=2&t=464s Sfaturi și trucuri pentru organizarea OSRS Bank | Cum să-ți organizezi banca dezordonată în Old School Runescape! COMANDA MAXING OSRS 2021| Cum să maximizezi în OSRS – Cele mai bune modalități de a atinge toate anii 99 – Old School Runescape Obiectivele de joc târziu în OSRS pentru a măcina – Ghid de progres al contului OSRS 2021 https://www. Abonare: Discord Cântece: Mâine, Spirit, călătorie, Camelot, armonie, Prifddinas Primul lot. De la Runescape, Ellinia Feild, furișă


38 thoughts on “Sunt foarte încântat de viitorul Old School Runescape! (Actualizări uriașe de navigație OSRS)

  1. Graceful combination is just a pointless boost. By the time you unlock Graceful, you rarely NEED it, and the only one that would would be the farming outfit, and even then, i never have to stamina or restore. God forbid we have to make gear choices.

  2. Heard a lot of people liking the idea of an underwater raid personally I’d prefer it to be a cave at sea that allows for some submerged sections and some water surface sections for using the sailing skill within raid. Great video as always ❤

  3. The way quests work in rs3 is that your player is "chosen" by the gods in osrs your player is just another adventurer, lets hope jagex keeps it this way or youll see godwars 2 and 3

  4. big fan of this content. Hunter specifically feels sort of birdhouse only until late levels. I enjoy birdhouses, but giving hunter meaningful content would be good!

  5. nice video 🙂 i just wonder i got the jad helm on ca's but i havent completed 100% of the elite because of the points system do i need to complete 100% on the elite for new max cape thing ? what do u think ? hope u understand me 😀

  6. they should make the max cape have shoulder pads, and something in the front like skillcapes have. imo all skillcapes looks better than max cape. do people agree, og am I just insane? o.O

  7. I just recently got my quest cape and although I would temporarily lose it if I get what I am about to ask for but I want sailing to launch with some quest , like if your willing to do the quest u skip 12 or 30 lvls in sailing (just saying a range of lvls not assuming random exp and looking at other low lvl quest this amount of exp seems fair if from lvl 1)

  8. OSRS is by far the best and most underrated MMORPG on the market. The dev team we have is the most dedicated I’ve ever seen. But since OSRS is smaller than your average MMO it gives the devs more freedom of listening to the community. So I have full confidence is this game and I also think this game will live a lot longer than people credit it for. It also doesn’t help that I’ve been severely addicted to this game for 20 years 😂😂😂

  9. not only is the rat king F2P, but it's also low level. It'd essentially be an in-game introduction to movement, gear switching, and prayer switching, with each level of difficulty introducing a new concept

  10. the cool thing about the wind-themed boss is that it's supposed to be a way to let high-level and low-level players interact. If you have a friend that's considerably higher/lower level than you, this update would mean you could actually do some PvM together

  11. I wouldnt mind a slight engine upgrade for osrs. Like keep everything looking the same in terms of aesthetics but details, shadows, character models and everything getting an upgrade. Kind of like HD on runelite but overal engine. No evolution of combat or anything and definitely not rs3 somewhere in the middle.

  12. Of all things Jagex does right. Its the loads of content.. They do work when it comes to updates. Might not be perfect but they try their best to fix it ASAP. Like Sailing with all this context looks AMAZING.

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