În sfârșit, mi-am navigat cu catamaranul de proiect către un șantier! (cu catarg de barcă) | Sălbatic Sailing

În sfârșit, mi-am navigat cu catamaranul de proiect către un șantier!  (cu catarg de barcă) |  Sălbatic Sailing

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48 thoughts on “În sfârșit, mi-am navigat cu catamaranul de proiect către un șantier! (cu catarg de barcă) | Sălbatic Sailing

  1. Excellent work all of you… especially you, Mark. You have a superb ship there. Once all fixed up, she is a world-class sail boat capable of circumnavigation.
    Love the toilet on the deck…

  2. Yey! Not bad for a Preston lad! Really lovely Mark to see your M&D and the other guys, who’ve helped you, get to experience Mahi SAILING! Flippin’ really well done to get this far in a, relatively, short space of time.. on a budget.. in an inaccessible pond! Red Rose up, crack on lad! x

  3. That thing is the scariest thing on the ocean. It's so light the earth could flick it's finger and throw the bunch of you off it. Of course it can do that with an freighter so yikes!!!

  4. We supported you buying the catamaran because you were with a woman. We encourage you to stop wasting money on this project. This is not a catamaran, it is a floating raft tied together with two canoes. Find a Monohull. We know you will not take our advice until you have depleted your funds and your parents funds on this project. So wish we could have saved you from what is to come. All the best. We hope you will make the right decision.

  5. Man i havent wat hen in at least 4 months. Im surprised u got another huge project boat. By the way, WTF happened to your bird ? Im only asking what everyone else is thinking. Good luck brother.

  6. Always love what you do, how you do it and that you rarely question the wisdom of just doing it. Your risk assessments are cool…Your parents are brilliant.

  7. Amazing what you have achieved with very hard work and a positive attitude. You are not a guy who would ever be stuck on a deserted island! 😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Epic Mark such a great bunch of friends and followers helping out. Not forgetting your parents, your mum is a diamond, always supportive and positive. Your dad calmly dependable. I must admit I got a bit emotional when your mum said she was so proud of you and you said you couldn’t have done it without them. 😢reminded me of when I launched my 48’ wooden boat after 10yrs work. If only there had been YouTube back in the 80’s…..😊. I’m betting the boat is great condition below the water. Good luck. Andy UK

  9. The most obvious aspect of this video is that it shows you have incredible, charming, warm hearted parents. You are really fortunate to have that kind of support. The boat is coming along nicely…well done… be safe

  10. Good to see Mahi on some open water!
    I don't know why I'm mentally invested in you and your boat's journey but loving seeing all the steps to getting her ship shape and out into the world ocean!
    Her captain seems like a top bloke to haha.

  11. So happy for ya mark what a great video😜 I can only imagine how great it will be for you to look back on this after you have sailed it for a while under full rig and sail. 👍

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