Regula noastră 90-7-3 pentru succesul proiectului | Pasul 351

Regula noastră 90-7-3 pentru succesul proiectului |  Pasul 351

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22 thoughts on “Regula noastră 90-7-3 pentru succesul proiectului | Pasul 351

  1. Hey team, as you're background is in architecture, I just wanted to know if you had any artists impression or a 3d boat layout sketch or your plans? You guys absolutely rock when it comes to boat DIY

  2. Uma-Terra! The RV is the right idea. I always used 10-80-10 as a guide for my projects in the chemical industry. 10% of time is the planning, engineering and purchase of major equipment; 80% is receiving and organizing materials, construction and pre-commissioning; the last 10% is putting everything in service, discovering issues and repairing/modifying, and lastly a review of the previous 90% to see if we could have done anything better or cheaper and document for use in small future improvements. So now I am comparing 90-7-3 to see if my 10-80-10 needs adjusting.

  3. Concerning your jigsaw, it could be a bad power cord or your brushes need replacing. They could be worn out after 8 years of us, as they are a consumable item. Good work though. 😊

  4. I loved this day in the life video. I'm still amazed that you're able to do the work while the boat is in the water. Great stuff. We'll definietly check out the solar origami since we are in the market for new panels on Neverland. You showed pictures of your editing. I'm wondering what software you use since most of your videos are done with GoPro. Thanks for answering if you have time. Keep up the RV/Boatlife.

  5. 😅😂😅 Love the dish washing super model skit! Garden sprayer showers are the best. I take them frequently while 🏕 ⛺️ camping.

  6. Hey Kika!
    Loved your bond girl skit!
    Especially since you did it right in front of the Isola della Bocca Lighthouse. It looks so much like The Maidens tower Lighthouse in Istanbul. Which was made famous by the James Bond movie The World is not Enough.
    Dan, don’t ever buy a Land Rover! You’ll never survive the intermittent what just happened did it fix itself will it happen again problems! Lol! 😒

  7. In regards to the Makita Saber Jig Saw. With Three being the least likely in this case but most common in other's; Tony's run down.
    III. Carbon brushed motor. The easily replaceable inexpensive readily available Carbon Brushes ride on the armature at the motor end. They normally wear and sometimes get stuck in their own dust. Clean, inspect, replace as preventative maintenance. When the brushes begins to fail they generate more heat, have a burning smell, arcing – sparking then finally no power to armature – motor.
    II. The trigger button follows brush problems. The trigger usually either bursts I to flames or just does nothing at all. Generally it will exhibit erratic operation progressively over the last few trigger cycle's which becomes obvious.
    I. The wires inside the cord at the bolstered area near the plug are shorting to ground. The Wire Wiggle Test and Ohm Meter Resistance can be useful. Just cut cord and splice on or replace the plug. ✌️🤡👍

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