Nu ceea ce ne așteptam… Dar MULT mai bine! Navigați în Argentina și Patagonia [Ep. 112]

Nu ceea ce ne așteptam... Dar MULT mai bine!  Navigați în Argentina și Patagonia [Ep. 112]

Imbarcați-vă într-o călătorie palpitantă în timp ce explorăm excursii uluitoare cu elicopterul, stabilim conexiuni neprevăzute și ne scufundăm în proiecte pline de satisfacții cu barca. Asistați la magia unor prietenii neașteptate formate în mijlocul mărilor vaste, în timp ce navigăm prin experiențe emoționante și abordăm provocările de lucru cu barca. Experimentați sinergia aventurilor palpitante, a legăturilor surprinzătoare și a măiestriei cu barca în acest episod captivant. Nu ratați această călătorie extraordinară care redefinește granițele navigației și ale prieteniei. Abonați-vă acum și fiți parte din entuziasm!” #sailing #expedition #adventure Site web, tracker și blog: Susține creațiile noastre: În acest episod am navigat în Argentina. faceți o plimbare cu elicopterul pentru a explora orașul și vârfurile muntilor acoperite de zăpadă prin aer. Pe parcurs, vedem animale sălbatice, cum ar fi foci, delfini și balene din aer. După ce am căutat orașul cu mașina pentru o piesă de reparație necesară, am pornit la cale. și alergați (un fel de) cu o goeletă de 100 de picioare pe Canalul Beagle, pe drumul înapoi la balul nostru de acostare din Puerto Williams. După sosirea noastră, ne întâlnim cu noi prieteni la bordul unui catamaran cu vele de performanță. Cu aceasta, ne așteaptă noi aventuri. pentru noi, ca un cuplu de navigatori, împreună cu câinele nostru navigator roxy! Urmăriți-ne alături în timp ce navigam în jurul lumii fără a trece prin canale.


34 thoughts on “Nu ceea ce ne așteptam… Dar MULT mai bine! Navigați în Argentina și Patagonia [Ep. 112]

  1. Hi nice flight u did ? we’re are u from witch part of USA r u from? Me I was born in San Diego but I was brought to uk when I was 6 months and stayed not knowing my home town but I’m 35 yrs now I have 5yrs to end my work contract so I’m planning to return back home once I finish my work here. ❤❤❤❤❤😊😊😊

  2. I've been wondering how the economic/political catastrophe in Argentina (100+% inflation !) is affecting neighbouring Chile. Surely Argentine society must be in near free-fall with that level of inflation?

  3. You know what’s so cool, you are such pro’s at what you do and the local people know that and respect you for seamanship. What to say of being a beautiful couple.
    Been with my wife for 50 years. Hope you have a long life together. 🙏🏼❤️

  4. Really good video. Nice and relaxed sailing, beautiful scenery and the helicopter ride was amazing. I believe Roxy would be game for riding the Kingda Ka rollercoaster at Six flags. Just think. A dog that rounds cape horn and then goes for a helicopter ride. What a life for all of you. Keep having fun, stay warm and stay safe. Bill

  5. Roxy gets to go for a helicopter ride, awesome. It's so beautiful down there, snow-covered mountains are gorgeous. I'm sure the cold is challenging but you have some beautiful footage

  6. You guys really do a Good job. You are always Professional no mater what comes your way, Good or Bad.
    So Rock on, with Roxy..!! I assume they will drop you off in Montevideo Uruguay 🇺🇾 or Buenos Aries Argentina 🇦🇷 after doing the Cape again.!??! 🤷🏻‍♂️⛵️👍

  7. Awesome times! I am interested in the cat you have as neighbors. Looks like a Schionning maybe, but not a daggerboard cat? Maybe a Looping, they have LAR keels normally I think. Next week I guess I'll find out!

  8. Good stuff. It is worth having a nut driver for those hose clamps. I have used a screwdriver handle with small sockets too but prefer the nut driver. I try not to have to use a screw driver (especially slotted) if I can avoid it 😉

  9. Ah, that'll be cool! Cape Horn twice, on a cat and a mono! Will love to hear your impressions on this.
    No boat shops in Ushuaia? A business opportunity 🙂 The helicopter ride was very cool also. I wonder what Roxy thinks of all this adventure! See you next week, on a 2 hull ride. Fair winds!

  10. Once Again, Wow. Ruca nailed it. Going on backcountry Biking trip next week. From Boise, Idaho through the Trinity's, Sawtooths, Ketchum, Stanley, Deadwood, Yellowpine, McCall to Bergdorff, French Creek Finish in Riggins. Seven Devils is the Finish Line. 450 miles. Your motivation, courage, and compassion helps everyone. This trip is challenging for a 55 year old. Ebike.

  11. Enjoyable video as always. Question, how are you liking your wind generator in the gusty conditions you are experiencing? I have my eye on one but they don’t come cheap hence the question. All the best, Gene

  12. Really your in the most amazing sailing/rough part of the world and you shoot footage of fixing a hose! Good to see you expanding your travellog with other boats and exploring more of the cape, more interesting than ratheting a hose clamp.

  13. 11:34 Hi guys, Any idea what the schooner, that left Ushuaia with you, was up to? Local tours or global cruiser? Just curious. Look forward to more. Thx for the inspiring channel.

  14. Personally, I'm getting a bit weary of the Caribbean sailing channels, which is why I follow you guys. And of course, there is Roxy! Love the channel! 🎉 I love following Alluring Arctic too, they're at the top end in Alaska.

  15. Y’all arrived in Argentina under the rain and left Argentina under the rain. Funny. Roxy in the helicopter? She’s got gumption!
    Can’t wait to see the second pass through Cape Horn on a cat.
    Thanks for another great video.

  16. That far south you would know enough to be self sufficient it’s not the Bahamas etc, looks like winter is on the way down there. Where will you guys do South American winter ? Would you head north soon or tough it out below 54 degrees south ? It won’t be pretty weather soon

  17. Enjoyed your channel! I’m trying to convince my wife that a circumnavigation is a great retirement project and went so far as to even start a little channel (@NavalGazingatCampDavid) to sell her on the life style….desperate times and all that. Lol. Thanks again for the great content. I have a whoooole new appreciation for the time and care it takes to create these episodes!

  18. Was not surprised to find race crew in the marina bar in Palma, watching Sailing Sweet Ruca on a team laptop.😁 Images from your videos are moving, even on a computer or tv screen. I hope a little jealousy isn't such a bad thing. You know; two videos a week might be twice as cool. 😎😎 Thanks

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