Descoperirea MAI MULTE PROBLEME | Pasul 352

Descoperirea MAI MULTE PROBLEME |  Pasul 352

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39 thoughts on “Descoperirea MAI MULTE PROBLEME | Pasul 352

  1. I was just thinking, how long have I been watching you guys ? Lol. Love the channel greetings from Calgary Canada. “Hey Dan I’m heading out to Port Alberni this year for the Salmon derby, first time since Covid”. Really miss Vancouver Island and the nice people . Take care of yourself you too!

  2. Simply amazing the extent you’re going on the refit. Most things you don’t like from the original was likely installed due to necessity. The presence of the black mold is scary for health reasons but now it’s gone! Refitting is right around the corner give the old Uma a new life as well as comfort for you. Looking forward to the next videos. Since UMA is electric is there the possibility to use less space for that area to use for other things or new spaces?

  3. Ill.say one thing its going to awsome to set secure and route each and evry single wire pipe and conduit to a easily labeled accessible and fixable locations its going to be work of art . Can't wait to see dans OCD skills.

  4. My goodness you too, what a task and you're forging ahead Full Steam. Can't wait down the road to see the Finish but I know it'll be a good while and we'll get to see a lot of know-how and engineering. Dan and Kika, I salute you too!❤❤❤

  5. Yeah, those tabs were just to hold the furniture in place.
    If you are going for fully glassed bulkheads and indeed furniture, you will need some additional ribs as well to stiffen the entire structure or all the flexibility you used to have will be concentrated between the bulkheads.

  6. The mold under the fridge is caused by condensation. I renovate houses. Beter air circulation under the styrofoam helps. Also you should never Connect wood with solid condensating surface.

  7. Do you get complaints about noise? I'm trying to imagine being your neighbour in the marina😂😂😂. Once you've finished it's going to be like Uma Mk2. I think you'll quickly be happy with your decision. It will be great to have confidence in the hull strength and stiffness, apart from a new cabin. Almost like moving house!

  8. The mould around the freezer is possibly from cold 'leaking' out and causing condensation on the external surface, specially in tropical environments. A cheap infrared temp gauge is great for identifying areas of too little insulation which will lead to condensation. On the other hand maybe the freezer did leak! 🙂 And yes, in my opinion, definitely glass in the bulkheads. I suspect the reason for not being glassed was bog standard cheapness, not some subtle consideration of subtle flex calculations.

  9. Great video again. There's a lot of great comments and interesting advice in the comments. You've thought long and hard about what you're doing, so just go for it. You'll do great. Thanks again for bringing us all along on your incredible adventure.

  10. I’m an architect not a navel architect, but I don’t buy that argument by the manufacturer, and I wonder if you would hear that from others. AND I wonder if you would have had that dimpling problem, had the hull been stiffer when it was moved. So the manufacturer didn’t really take take all possible loading into account. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  11. Dan, instead of wood type screws in fiberglass you can tap threads and use machines screws. ( 10/24 and 1/4-20 are my go to), just like on a thin metsl mast. I’ve been doing that for years.
    Cheers Warren

  12. Wow, watching you guys rip out all of that wonderful work you did before was a bit painful to watch. I understand why you did it but it doesn't make it any easier to watch, and I'm sure it was even more painful for y'all. Keep your chins up and hang in there.

  13. Starting over from scratch will give us a chance to watch your design and engineering skills put to good use again structurally as well as functionally and aesthetically! Loved what you did with your "hefty susan" and your fireplace and your head sink and shower. I would have used that head sink to the fullest. Will you plan for watertight bulkheads fore and aft? Is there a need to move your anchor chain pile farther aft in the bow? Have you considered building a hard dodger? How about strengthening the stem for breaking ice when you circumnavigate the Antarctic! Will you have room to build in some water ballast tanks at the beams of the boat? Can you glass them to the outside instead? Then they won't take up any room inside and they will be farther out with a greater moment arm (more leverage) on the outside. Your movable ballast could be fresh water instead of sea water to increase your water capacity on board. I know, it's easy for me to say.

  14. –Sawzall= the right tool for Demo.
    –Resin Infusion= the right way to install fiberglass, resin, and core
    –Balsa core= impervious to moisture as long as it is infused so every air void is filled with resin.
    –CoreCel better impact resiliency than balsa but more demanding for infusion. And three times as expensive.
    –The right way to install bulkheads is onto the new interior skin with 1/2" foam spacers cut at a 45 degree bevel where they stick past the bulkhead face. Woven fiberglass is best because it conforms to the hull curvature easier than biax- and its cheaper!
    –You will have a blank sheet of paper ready to imprint with all the preferences you've learned over many years of living and sailing with Uma.

    Don't forget to build proper longitudinals, mast base, and motor beds that the original probably never had. And I like tie rod chainplates that take the load down to bilge stringer ring frames.

    And if it was mine I'd take the Sawzall to the bridge deck to allow an actual watertight door in place of the little pieces of wood that toy production fiberglass boats always use. The proper height for a dodger is at the nose of a 6 foot person. You can then walk forward into the salon with minor stooping, look over the top of the dodger to keep a proper watch, shelter under it without the rain running down your neck and adjust the sight line for "short people" LOL by using removable standing blocks.

    Keep the water out, the keel on, and the mast up and you'll be happy.

    "The calculations that the designers of Uma used to determine the strength of the hull" LOL

  15. I’m an airplane builder, so take this with a grain of salt if you like, but watching this demolition is painful and the rebuilding to come will be expensive. Why didn’t you just slap $6000 worth of carbon fiber on the outside of the hull and call it a day?

  16. Would there be any advantage to installing the new bulkheads on the hard vs in the water? I wonder that the even pressure of the water against the hull might be different than the six or eight points of pressure of the jacks while on land.

  17. Sardinia is beautiful can wait to see more of it. Palinuro is beautiful on mainland Italy on cost of Cilento directly East from Sardinia. Look up 'Baia del Buondormire'.

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