Cel mai periculos port de iaht din lume!

Cel mai periculos port de iaht din lume!

Vă arătăm faimosul pod Simpson Bay și de ce este atât de periculos. Situat pe insula St Maarten, acest pod i-a găzduit pe unii dintre cei mai experimentați căpitani de acolo. Urmărește-ne că navigăm prin deschiderea îngustă în timp ce lăsăm primul nostru charter al sezonului! Paul a lovit-o? Urmărește videoclipul pentru a afla! Stai pe loc, relaxează-te și bucură-te de videoclipul acestei săptămâni! Pagina Movember https://movember.com/t/loonatics-my-loon-yacht-crew?mc=1 🔔 Nu uita să dai like, să comentezi și să te abonezi la canalul nostru pentru mai multe experiențe incredibile la bordul Motor Yacht Loon! 🔔 🌏 Pentru întrebări de charter și pentru a verifica iahtul, vă rugăm să vizitați site-ul nostru oficial: https://www.yachtloon.com Pentru actualizări zilnice, urmăriți-ne pe: Instagram https://www.instagram.com/motoryachtloon TikTok https: //www.tiktok.com/@motoryachtloon 🌏 Pentru întrebări de charter și pentru a verifica iahtul, vă rugăm să vizitați site-ul nostru oficial: https://www.yachtloon.com Filmat de creatorul de conținut la bord @Blair_vb #superyacht #superyachts #yachts # bărci #megayacht #yachttender #charter #yachtcrew #yachtlife #yachting #yachtcharter #loonvideos #atlanticcrossing #loonvideos #ocean traversing


48 thoughts on “Cel mai periculos port de iaht din lume!

  1. Thanks for watching hope everyone found this video to be entertaining and informative. Blair and the whole crew did a great job putting this video together.
    We appreciate everyone’s support of our channel please let us know in the comments below if you have any questions you’d like answered.
    See you next week 🤙

  2. Why don't all the wealthy owners get together with the St Maarten authority and widen this bridge? From an engineering perspective this is not a big project. I think all the damage in the past would probably finance this. Love the video again. Bravo Capt. Paul, forever cool under pressure.

  3. One of the best episodes I’ve seen.
    And that’s why the owners of these superyachts source super experienced captains, respect.👊
    Great footage and editing and loving Captain Paul’s ‘Costas’!😎

  4. It is unfair to include the yacht “Go “ in this video. It is well reported that the yacht suffered an issue withe the fly by wire engine control system after an upgrade . The captain did a remarkable job in avoiding injury to his crew and other vessels and not destroying the bridge .

  5. If you guys order any supplies from Le Grand Marche/Carrefour think of me. During my internship I made the yacht provisioning catalogue! Great to see you guys down there! Greetings now from The Netherlands

  6. Good God. I had to keep telling myself to breath and someone else was at the helm. I have a question. Does Loon drift when navigating at idle? What I mean is if you're at idle or less heading North then turn to North East will it keep drifting to the north? Keep the videos coming.

  7. Who the heck designed that bridge. Even just a few more metres would really help. And there is an offset, too. Great prep and skill. I never doubted that it would be fine because you never take things for granted. Fab video

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