Tur de iaht de 1,2 milioane de lire sterline: Galeon 500
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Un model foarte popular și extrem de inovator de la Galeon, Galeon 500. Sponsorizat de: https://www.boatsandyachtswarranty.com În asociere cu: https://www.savvy-navvy.com https://www.classicarauctions.co .uk https://www.intelligentmoney.com https://www.yacht-solutions.co.uk Cu mulțumiri către https://www.approvedboats.com 0:00 Introducere 0:37 Interior Puntea principală 5:27 Interior Puntea inferioară 13:21 Puntea principală exterioară 22:28 Flybridge exterior 27:50 Spațiu motor 31:04 Outro https://instagram.com/aquaholicnick https://twitter.com/BurnhamNick https://facebook.com/aquaholicnick Citiți articolele mele online pentru MBY la https://www.mby.com/author/nickburnham Vezi mai multe dintre videoclipurile mele pe canalul YouTube MBY: https://www.youtube.com/user/ybwtv


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  1. I’m really liking Galeon boats, if you can’t afford Princess or Sunseeker these are are good boat. No breakages on this then Nick😁😁. Galeon is. Certainly a make I’d look at if I had the chance.

  2. just been looking at a few Galeon dealers and they are now selling these (brand new for delivery for end of 22 season start of 23 season) for around £750k + tax (obviously basic spec at that price), but what a lot of boat fore the money!!

  3. You always have the best reviews and it's such a great pleasure to watch!

    I must say that you also improved your personal style for each time 🙂

    This time yellow jacket with socks matching the contrast stitching on the watch 🙂

    💯 % and congratulations for both review and style 🙂

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