Barcă cu pânze electrică în 7 noduri de curent... navigând pe NORD în timpul iernii - Sailing Oka Solo
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a merge cu o baterie mică pe o barcă electrică este ca și cum ai avea doar un bidon de combustibil pentru un motor diesel. Chiar trebuie să-mi planific bine călătoriile. Trebuie să prezic vremea și știu exact ce va face vântul în fiecare Canal. Din păcate, în acest episod nu există prea multe navigații reale, deoarece am pierdut toate filmările.


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  1. Merci pour la balade Patricia,toujours aussi beau !Je retiens que tu as une plus jolie voix en français,pourtant ça a été rapide,haha…J'espère pour toi que la théorie de l'indien s'avèrera fausse parce que "quand l'homme blanc coupe du bois,hiver très rigoureux",il parait ?

  2. This was fantastic! Much to comment on:
    First, thanks for explaining the limitations of the electric plant and your plans for the future and how you're extending the range right now. Is the "big" generator portable or integrated into the boat? You live in a dark, wet region for solar generation.

    Was the dropped hard drive the spinning platter type? What do you think about a portable/external, 1TB solid state drive?

    Next, you're a mad woman setting off to go further north in such cold, snowy conditions. A chainsaw is not usually standard equipment on most sailboats! How long does it take to dry out that wood so that it's useable? Cold weather is often the one thing that will drive people off of their boat because they can't store enough fuel.

    You say and do lots of small things in your videos that indicate to me that you are very skilled and knowledgeable for someone so young. You really are a skilled mariner. I love how calm and drama free your videos are. You just "do it." You assess the risks well and take proper action to mitigate them.

    Lastly, you really are beautiful. You have a smile that makes me smile and I love the shorter hair. 🙂

  3. Your videos are so inspiring, loved the snow. you can probably get your video content back from the hard drive for around 25 dollars US if you send it to a data recovery company, most likely they will be able to save most if not all the data. shop around online and youll find a reputable one. ufortunately I live in the UK for now so don't really know where you could send it to. thanks for the update on the electric motor, how are the solar panel doing? did you get the cracked one replaced? ciao!

  4. Good to see you sailing. Challenging tidal area you do well. The shallows, shifting sandbars are just a suggestion, charts sound further off. A few out in the Gulf/ Bahamas area have run aground in areas charted 10 meters deep. Keep my depthfinder on and check the logical contours.

  5. Oh wow, amazing !
    You make a good choice to choose an electrical engine.
    Hope, this will help you to save some money 😉
    You change your haircut, nice
    It's was maybe 1 years, i didn't saw your new videos …. i didn't selected the bell for all videos … Oups ^^

  6. Just found your Channel. I enjoyed watching your electric conversion. Seriously thinking about doing that in my Pacific seacraft 25. You have to be pretty tough to sail when you have to shovel snow off your decks. My hat's off to you. That's a good choice for a first mate I had a kelpie that used to sail with me . Looking forward to more videos from you. Happy to be a new subscriber😊

  7. Welcome to the reality of electric boat propulsion. I use two Honda 2000's on eco mode for 6 hours of run time returning 40 amps X 6 hours = 240 amp hours back to the 20000 Kwh 400ah 16 in series 48v Winston battery bank. Then I usually factor in 15 amps of solar for the majority of the days leg. So I can turn props for anything less than 50 amps (boat draws 5 amps constant underway for electronics refrigeration lights) and still charge my batteries if I choose to.

    Depending on your new batteries you likely are not going to regret it. I may be inclined to purchase an identical battery bank to my existing bank in the very near future. I will likely purchase from GWL Power as I want the smart123BMS system on board for cell monitoring as I currently do not have that with my system. It has been rock solid though for the last seven years. I can't wait to get back to the catamaran soon.

    Love that you went 48 volt. Once you get a bigger battery you will find that you still run your generators when your underway at times depending on your plan for the day. I can do 75 to 100 Km legs with my electric motors without running a generator but then a portion of that is returned by solar, albeit very little usually 10amps.

    That being said I do not know your amp draw underway for 4knots. I plan all my trips at either 4 knots slow 5 knots fast. With two Honda generators each producing 20 amps and 20 amps if you can make 4 knots and still charge you have a winner and power for dinner :).

    My catamaran is still in the marina awaiting some small repairs and then the proposed hard dodger retrofit over the cockpit. Looking forward to starting my sailing adventures on the coast again this year. I will likely order some new flexible solar panels but much of that depends on shipping from a city that is locked down in China at this time.

    I expect to be partially mobilized by the start of May and will make an initial trip out to check the systems on the boat and get it cleaned up more. I may simply find a contractor to do all the slated repairs or take the project on myself with the help of a 3 day a week boatsmith. Then a new survey and I'm away.

    At the same time I will be juggling home repairs on my house back in Alberta. Some dental work also but I want the boat back in the water. I might order some new motors for it and revamp the existing mounting on the transom with electric tilt and trim. A new helm cable and tightening up the steering would be nice so the outboard autopilot actually works.

    Thanks for the inspiration.


  8. At first I thought you went through Whiterock passage, as I've had a similar experience going through there after Surge Narrows, I was convinced I'd hit bottom. But then I realized you just left Heriot Bay. Glad it went well! So stressful, indeed! At least you could just do 1kn haha, better safe than sorry!

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