Am avut niște vizitatori neaștepți în OFFSHORE [EP 184] – Navigare spre Grenadine

Am avut niște vizitatori neaștepți în OFFSHORE [EP 184] - Navigare spre Grenadine

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47 thoughts on “Am avut niște vizitatori neaștepți în OFFSHORE [EP 184] – Navigare spre Grenadine

  1. How in the World could you have no desire to stop in S Lucia?!! I guess, you're life is amazingly fuller than mine. 😉 (Aaahhh St Lucia… Some day)
    Well, I guess for dolphins!!!!! 🙂

  2. Am continuing to add to my portfolio. As warren Buffett said "be brave when everyone else is fearful". The stock market always recover, so hold for long term and have the stomach for the ride!!!

  3. Lovely video. Thanks. The new sails look awesome. In 7 to 10 AWS close to beam reach I've had good performance on my V42CC using a code zero (60% girth A0). Good upto about 15kts. Can point as high as about 45AWA.
    Glad td12/Julia was a non issue for you. Tis the Season. Safe travels. Enjoy the boat show.

  4. You have progressed sooo much, be proud of your accomplishments, maybe go back to the beginning of your you tube and see the difference. I think you will laugh at some of those things that happened or that you did! You make great funny and interesting videos’. So thank you!

  5. I've never heard someone on a boat say " It's time to splash the Dinghy or Dingus" aa you said.. lol and of course it is completely an appropriate thing to say!! Might not be the most Maritime shattering thing I've heard but firsts are always fun or memorable to take note of so thank you 😊

  6. Hi Khiara & Adam, quick question," We watched ep 182 , have just watched ep 184, did we miss out on receiving ep 183 or was 184 a typo ?" Keep up the fantastic ep's , love what you are doing, living your dream

  7. Pardon my nitpicking, because I really love your videos, but "nightmare"!? You're sailing in the Grenadines, while Florida is picking up the wreckage of Hurricane Ian that missed you. I'll trade you my 9-5 M-F and 90-mile round trip commute. You're living the dream! Again, forgive my quibble, because I greatly enjoy your videos.

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