Ne împachetăm barca pentru totdeauna (ultima noastră săptămână la bord..)

Ne împachetăm barca pentru totdeauna (ultima noastră săptămână la bord..)

Pentru a obține o sursă de 1 an de vitamina D + 5 pachete individuale de călătorie GRATUIT cu prima achiziție, accesați #371 Vrei să vezi mai multe de la noi? Alăturați-vă echipajului nostru pe Patreon pentru previzualizări ale episoadelor viitoare și aflați toate cele mai recente știri cu streamuri live regulate pentru a discuta cu noi în timp real. Sau ridicați niște produse oficiale La Vaga: Consultați site-ul nostru: Ce produse folosim? Descarcă muzica lui Elayna aici! Întrebări frecvente Ce camere folosim? CAMERA MARE: ALTĂ CAMERA MARE: CAMERA LA MÂNĂ: GOPRO: DRONE: Ce software folosim? Premiere Pro Predict Wind


45 thoughts on “Ne împachetăm barca pentru totdeauna (ultima noastră săptămână la bord..)

  1. Sometimes I watch an episode and fall I to the if only…or I wish I could…but then tonight I was reminded that I need to view my day to day as the adventure it is. So here's to both our family's next adventure.

  2. Y’all want to help save the planet and the ocean by not using gas and mainly solar. So my question is why do y’all fly, why do y’all use cars, why do y’all stay in air bnbs that have no solar panels? Do y’all know what they use to make solar panels? Texas is pumping oil like crazy to make solar panels. I have talked to people that are right in the middle doing it all. Either way. You can’t get away from natural gases. It’s in all things.

  3. I can see your oldest being similar to mine! My girls are 21 months apart and my oldest (now 19) has always called herself the "2nd mom"! It reminded me of mine when your oldest said, "he doesn't talk!"
    It's normal, good he has an extra looking out for him! 🙂

  4. Been following you guys from the early days and it's quite emotional, (even as a viewer), to watch you say goodbye to your ol' vagas. So many memories. Glad Vaga 2.0 will be staying in the fam. Thanks for your amazing videos and taking us along for the adventure. Wishing you all the best for the next chapter ❤

  5. Lenny so reminds me of a time when my good friends had another baby. There daughter Allison was 4. We were besties at the time. I asked her how she liked having a little sister? Allison looked at me struggling for words and finally said, well, she's so stupid. Soon little sis grew up and Allison had the sibling she was hoping for. I can't wait to see the shenanigans that Lenny and Darwin will get up to in the future.

  6. Continue fulfilling our dreams, adding fresh vision through the wide eyed innocence in two beautiful and charismatic boys. Make each move you make a new adventure, embracing ever new vistas, cultures and adventures. Weave into your story line all the troubles, the slings and the arrows demanding creative problem-solving; from broken tillers to visa-intanglements and unknown complications. Two blond adventurer's learning with every storm, every language and every course set. We, your supporters, want for each step too build ever-better into an ever larger pallet, an ever larger screen, with ever more technology, comfort and convenience, growing as any family should grow with expertice. This Rapido will be a-phase no-doubt and as you keep your priorities progressive, and as the boys grow; ever more skilled-tutors, talented-educators, intelects, and skill-builders, with depth, and friendships building at home and aboard, each adding expertise in philosophy, astronomy, philosophy, mathmatics and videography, each lovers of sailing with personalities that will add to the voyage, guests, personalities and celebrities that we will look forward to getting to know, and every week learn to appreciate, each offering you, us, and the boys; counseling, amazing-knowlegable and broad-personal-resources in turn, each your guest, as we are, long for the ride, along for the adventure of a lifetime. With each episode we will be there, experiencing through you and your boys the trip of a lifetime, the adventures, and the vistas that we somehow have missed. 

    Your work will pay off ever-more, and will grow into another larger boat, another phase, a phase large enough for hosting you, the boys, their guests and us, as you grow your sailing and solar fleet worldwide, for your sons, for you, and for our shared legacy. 

    In another three-or-four years we will look forward to seeing your expancion to an 80', even larger to accommodate celebrity guests, maybe donated, or likelly affordable and, with that, we will marvel at the possibilities, as you and your boys plan the inside passage headed to the northern passage, back to Europe, making visual and experiential history in our wake, and we will be there helping where we can, longing for a bow-mounted live-feed camera-stream–you know, for your fans!

  7. I cant FREAKING believe its been 5 years thus far of watching. Seeing you both grow and experience life while bringing us with you, so many challenges and way too many stories.
    <3 Hope yall are well.

  8. SOMEHOW! This channel comes up on YouTube when I search for "The Last American Vagabond "! Because J OU TUBE DELETED HIS CHANNEL!

  9. I can't believe it! Another parting of floating vessels in the Vaga family, so we move to the Tri! Whoohooo!!! Still confused about that decision, but that's Riley, not many people would have made that move however, I love this family, I wish I had the experience they have, thanks for the laughs and all the sometimes weird and fun videos, not to mention the swanky music in this video! Oooooh Baby took me back to the 80's 🤣😘🌻💕 WOW! the Arctic! Vietnam!

  10. I just love every episode and it seems to be getting better and better but what I most love is that all your videos have this integral energy of wanderlust and freedom that anyone can be motivated by and implement in their own lives. thankyou for your commitment to us viewers. love your work. From Samford Brisbane, Australia 🖤🖤🖤🖤

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