Raul de mare și dor de casă: noul echipaj se luptă cu viața de barcă (Ep 216)

Raul de mare și dor de casă: noul echipaj se luptă cu viața de barcă (Ep 216)

E FIDENT în Orientul Mijlociu! Noul echipaj are probleme în a se adapta la mișcarea oceanului și la căldura înăbușitoare. În acest episod, navigăm cât de repede putem spre Arabia Saudită, unde ne așteaptă noi unități de AC, prin amabilitatea CTM și Citimarine: www.ctm-marine.com sau găsiți unitățile noastre specifice aici: www.citimarinestore.com/ ro/480-ctm-marine-air-conditioners Găsiți scruberul subacvatic pentru carenă a lui Keith aici: https://nemopowertools.com/shop/ Jeddah Yacht Club, Arabia Saudită: https://jeddahyc.com/ Vă mulțumim pentru acordare în această săptămână! Toate episoadele emisiunii noastre sunt create exclusiv de mine, Keith și copii. De asemenea, puteți urmări călătoria noastră pe Facebook și Instagram sau, dacă doriți să susțineți eforturile noastre de realizare a videoclipurilor, iată câteva modalități prin care puteți împărtăși dragostea: ❤️ — DEVENI MEMBRU AL Z-CREW! https://sailingzatara.com/members —CUMPĂRĂ UN BILET LA SHOW! https://sailingzatara.com/tickets –LUAȚI NIște MARFĂ sau ECHIPAMENTE DE BARCĂ: https://sailingzatara.com/shop –CE CAMERE UTILIZAM? Găsiți toate echipamentele mele preferate de filmare aici: https://sailingzatara.com/camera-gear Happy Sailing! Renee & the Z-Crew ___________________________________________ Muzică în acest videoclip: Melodia noastră tematică: Float Away de Grabbitz furnizată de Monstercat: https://www.monstercat.com/ Găsiți-o aici: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=bzuSHCFQD7c Această muzică oferită de Epidemic Sound http://share.epidemicsound.com/B3SzL Cupid Can Wait de Mike Franklyn Something Different (Daxten Remix) de CLNGR CANGRI de Azucares Under the Sea de Dylan Joseph Wonky Wayne de Eoin Mantell Inner Circle de Tape Machines 00:00 Merge ca un egiptean 02:11 I’m Sailing!! 04:31 Seasick 07:23 Interviuri cu echipajul 11:31 Sosire în Arabia Saudită 15:25 Aprovizionare 17:25 Curățarea corpului cu Nemo 18:45 Interviuri cu echipajul #teenlife


27 thoughts on “Raul de mare și dor de casă: noul echipaj se luptă cu viața de barcă (Ep 216)

  1. Even the old salts get seasick now and then, youngsters. Keep hydrated, don't change your frame of reference too quickly between topside and below, and it won't make you so queasy so fast. Renee: Beef liver and sauteed onions stays down underway in gale conditions. Interesting the ladies could dress down in a Jeddah supermarket.

    Hang in there, Bella, Maura, Adri, Ethan! Safe travels Coleman! It's the journey that makes the adventure when you set sail beyond your comfort zone.

    S/V Windwalker

  2. Really enjoyed your video! I subscribed to your channel a month or so ago and had to subscribe again. Looks like everyone enjoyed their swim. Looking forward to your next video.

  3. Coal man "bailing out" after a week is really weak. One can gauge what life onboard is like from watching the previous videos; I think it gives one a good idea of the lifestyle so it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. How difficult; sailing around on a luxury catamaran on the Red Sea… oh the horror! I can't imagine any "family situation" other than a death or illness would warrant a quick abort mission. This boy is a quitter & shows a lack of character & a self centeredness because it inevitably affects those around him. I think better choices could have been made in selecting "candidates". These kids seem shallow & self absorbed. Can't they talk about anything meaningful like life long goals, interests, hobbies? So boring with the homesickness & seasickness. I was on my own at age 18, went to be a nanny in Madrid for a year at age 19. It's not that difficult.

  4. Hey Keith, I worked in Saudi for a few years and went diving there in Jeddah, it was great. I also dove off the coast at Yanbu and AL Lith. I also visited Aqaba, Jordan to dive as well as a liveaboard dive boat out of Hurghada, Egypt. Sharm El Sheikh was also a nice place to visit. I hope you guys have fun and a safe stay.

  5. Yeah, Coleman is a sweet guy but way too soft to be on that boat. The Zatara is no joke…it's like a cruise ship where you must learn to be guest and crew simultaneously…not a small feat but so well worth it! I love how Rene is knocking on the doors to get them up for work🤣 Great family, great life. Blessings to all!

  6. Seasickness comes from (the actual biological issue, not some PC thing) the cognitive dissonance you experience when the balance systems like your inner ear don't match your visual experience. Basically, your body recognizes it's in motion, but you see a room or boat deck that doesn't appear to move (or vice versa like watching motion in a VR headset while being relatively still) so the mixes signals make you feel sick. It's like being carsick. It helps to focus on things outside, but this doesn't work for everyone. My secret isn't close up motion, like the waves directly off the side of the boat, and not blocking all sense of movement like never looking outside, but watching distant motion, like passing scenery or distant land or boats or anything not so close and full of motion it makes you dizzy. I've gotten queasy reading on a car ride and got better by just looking up more often. It also helps to psyche yourself out and realize you're in motion and it's O.K. and like mentally turning off a false alarm you feel better by just noticing.

  7. I’d love to see you Keith do the same deal sometime way in the future with adults in there 30’s and 40’s that have been saving up planning on sailing around the world like you guys have. Maybe when all the kids are all away or off to college.

  8. Guess it's best not to have someone on board who doesn't want to be there. A pity he came in the first place really because it means someone who would have allowed more time before making such a decision can't be there because Coleman got the gig. Is it possible to replace him with someone else who applied to come on board but just missed out on selection? The fact that Coleman is leaving so soon means there is still a majority of time left to replace him with someone who will grasp hold of the opportunity.

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