SINGUR pe mare (crud și nefiltrat) | EE 95

SINGUR pe mare (crud și nefiltrat) |  EE 95

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28 thoughts on “SINGUR pe mare (crud și nefiltrat) | EE 95

  1. You need to watch some fishing videos to see how to properly troll. Re-think your fishing gear! First of all spinning reels/light tackle are commonly used for casting not trolling. Penn International would be my top choice 30 or 50, as 80 & 130 are a bit much meant for big game fish, but anything similar will suffice as well. Use of spinning reels aka lite tackle, is for casting out should you get in a school of dolphin, aka mahi mahi. Your tackle, hooks, line, no use of leader, being able to tie proper knots, use of mono verses wire leader is very important, use of proper skirts and baits, ballyhoo or flying fish properly rigged with a color skirts, bright day dark skirt, dark day bright skirt.
    Change your hooks to Mustad, stop using tackle that you would use in a pond, river or lake, to offshore tackle, use of planner to get below the sargassum, troll parallel to the weed lines, you'll find the fish just below the surface, watch the birds. Learn how to use a cast net to catch bait, learn to properly rig your baits. The test breaking strength of the line should coincide with the rating of the reel. Spinning reels use somewhere between 10 to 30 #'s test, say a 30 Penn International should use 30# test, a 50 Penn International should use 50# test and so on and so on.
    This sounds difficult, but it will change the way you fish and is actually very simple. You should have a gaff or 2 to help get the fish onboard, along with a dip net. Pay attention how to rig with a snap swivel being used to quickly change out your different leaders. Again remember the idea of alot of lines in the water sounds great, but it won't catch fish unless you are properly set up. Dropm your lures back further, pretty much in gthe face of your third or fourth wave back, use daisy chains to lure the fish to your baits. The hand line loose as you have is gonna become a nightmare should you get a fish on. Keep it on the line holders or it with turn in to a catastrophe. Make sure you have gloves.

    Get a fish guide to not only identify the fish, but also identify the areas the are located, as well as the time of year they can be found.

    How to Catch DOLPHIN FISH Trolling! Deep Sea Fishing for Mahi Mahi (Pelagic Fishing Florida)
    How To Catch MAHI MAHI | Dolphin Fishing Basics & Tactics
    SALTWATER TROLLING LURES choices, uses & rigging

    Red Label Fluorocarbon

    SPRO Jig
    1/2 ounce white bucktail

    Billy Bait Turbo Slammer (pearl blue)

    Boone 6 inch squirt squid

    Ilander Trolling lures

    Yo-Zuri Bonita

    Drone Spoons



  2. Are you setting the hook? Many times fish run off with the lure but they are not hooked. While there running you need to make a solid motion upward and set the hook. If you're not doing this I guarantee you'll have better results by doing this. While you are reeling in the fish repeat that motion they are trying to shake the hook so you need to keep that hook set. I hope this helps! Good luck guys from a fellow Phoenician!

  3. I know your offerings at the moment are longer than the average, but you two are so relaxed and enjoyable to watch,the time soon fly’s by. Hope your fishing exploits do in the end bear tasty fruition.

  4. Sci Fi fantasy, Anne McCaffrey, EE doc Smith, Andrew Beery, Andre Saxon, Tony Corden, Asimov, Tolkien, David Eddings & Julian May to name a few. Off late I enjoy Litrpg themed books like Tony Corden or Laurence Dahners more on the science side.

  5. Even though you’re early on with actually living on the water, it would be interesting to hear any differences between what you expected and reality. Any big surprises either positive or negative?

  6. Mmm, Spinnaker, I think it all depends on the individual & purpose of it. Also, check your insurance policy. Make sure you are covered for Spinnaker sailing. But, Spinnaker sailing can be fun. best of luck. Keep up the good work. SV Kiwi Lady Opua Bay of islands New Zealand 👍

  7. Definitely let more line out. The fish you want to catch probably want your bait in the water and not top water. Try not to troll faster than 3.5 to 4mph.

  8. Love the natural and open feel of these episodes. Too many are trying to be so slick and “ arty” that they lose what most of us “Wanting to take that leap” really enjoy- honesty about anxiety, raw joy, not preachy- about you two. I’m 55, British and working on a plan from a slightly different phase of life, but I could watch many more hours of what you do than you could possibly produce. Just keep it real like this please!

  9. I absolutely love these unfiltered vlogs, the water is absolutely stunning!!! You two are living the life and Yay for you two 😊😊
    Love the doggies, I know they’re good company and they are well trained for sailing ❤️ Be safe out there!🌊🌊

  10. I like using spinner baits because the more visible your lures are, the fish can see it from a lot more distance away instead of having to put the lure right in front of the fishes face. Plus getting the lure deeper in the water will not only help catch better fish but also bigger fish. 👍👍🍺🍺

  11. Yes you need or at the very least should have a spinnaker. Rolly Tasker makes a great spinnakers for a reasonable price. Asymmetric spinnakers are easy to use get one with a sock. Sailing Florence has an excellent video on how to fly it. Not hard once you’ve done it once or twice. My wife and I enjoyed talking to you two at the Annapolis boat show.

  12. Dish brush – I noticed months ago that you had the same brush we had. Ours came apart also, about a year ago. I cut the head off a 4" drywall type screw, drilled a pilot hole in both directions and screwed the handle and head back together again – it happened again (the wood rots because 'someone' leaves it in the sink water) but repaired it again and still going strong.

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