Covorul magic: Sfârșitul? Sau doar începutul? [S5E14]

Covorul magic: Sfârșitul?  Sau doar începutul? [S5E14]

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37 thoughts on “Covorul magic: Sfârșitul? Sau doar începutul? [S5E14]

  1. I hope the two of you are enjoying the G.G.R featuring Kirsten Neurschafer with her Cape George 36, Minihaha; hammering through the southern ocean on her solo race around the world. What an amazing woman and beautiful boat. Now I understand the potential Aladino saw for Magic Carpet II. Kudos to you both and Merry Christmas.

  2. Hello Aladino & Maya.Wishing you a very. Merry Christmas & a fabulous sailing with Magic Carpet II ahead for you.I love your video's of sceneries, technical and Maya's Music.🎄⛵⚓🇨🇦🇨🇭🎻:Herman Rombouts.

  3. I sailed the same waters as a child with my grandparents Hallberg Rassy 29 and my mothers sailing dingy. The islands you wisited are the same. You catch it all so beautifull that I almost cry from nostalgia.

  4. What a surprise: you are visiting the shipyard in Sweden where my boat, an Omega 42, was also built in 1981! How I would love to be guided through the sacred Vindö halls with you two! Like Aladino, I would have descended into the cellar to examine the shipyard's archives more closely!
    Brilliant film – as always. You are simply my favourite sailing-storytellers. And the music by Maya brings so much poetry into it – a work of art! In every film I can see that you two love boats, love music and love each other!

  5. The most wonderful sailing boat I owned was a Vindo 32. Sailed beautifully. Moored in Poole Harbour on UK’s south coast I spent as much time as possible aboard. Your beautiful videos make me nostalgic. I bought a larger boat as a liveaboard for my retirement but still miss Eske.

  6. Maya, “Open to imagination” perfectly describes the content you guys share with us. Taking us on your journey is such a generous offering. Thanks. Peace

  7. Awesome jellyfish, awesome views, awesome fiddle/violin. How can you experience sadness in this setting. However there is sadness/suffering in this world not too far from you or any of us really. True happiness is for all humans to experience their pursuit of happiness.

  8. Strong vid titles get immediate viewers, but if too dramatic – there is a sense of dishonesty. I have been traveling buying a boat in Malaysia…been out of internet touch for a month. Yours was the 1st channel to catch up on. Your discovery of wild life photography…yeah, that's life changing I suppose. In the old days was maybe having a baby. This end thing…really. Either you remain the nice very skilled couple I watch or a Murdoch enterprise.

  9. Your boat is very warm and inviting. Plus the music and the scenery is so perfect. Very nice orchestration of your beautiful talents.
    Thank you Aladino and Maya.

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